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Saturday, January 25, 2014

To the best of my knowledge, my appearance on Oregon Art Beat has not caused anyone to call OPB and cancel their membership.  Most credit for the production must go to OPB videographer Greg Bond.  He was the driving force behind the project and did all the shooting and editing.  The stand-up segment took place in June 2013.  Fewer than a dozen people showed up, but small turnouts are a fact of life for most authors and performing artists.  I did manage to pull in two people who were just taking an evening stroll in Multnomah Village and had no idea the event was happening, and they told me later it was a very enjoyable surprise.

There was, of course, a lot of material that didn't make it into the segment.  My performance was 40 minutes long, and we probably spent half an hour taping throughout the interior spaces of Annie Bloom's.  There's a term everyone in TV and movies is familiar with: shooting ratio.  It's the amount of time you spend shooting per minute of footage that gets on the air.  So if the final cut is five minutes long and you shot forty minutes of material the shooting ratio is 8 to 1.  I'm sure ours was higher.  I had no role in setting up the structure of the piece or the editing process.  I was just the content provider.

I did make one factual error in my narration that needs to be corrected.   At one point I said Annie Bloom's has been around for 33 years and it's actually 35.  That's the kind of mistake that could cause big trouble if I was running for high office.  Actually there's an abundance of footage in the segment that would make seeking high or low office very difficult for me in the future.

I've been asked about a song I used during my presentation.  The song is entitled 'Joan Crawford' and can be found on the album 'Fire Of Unknown Origin' by Blue Oyster Cult.  I heard this song one time on my car radio sometime in the 1980s and it made an instant and lasting psychic connection.  The opening lines set up a fantastically weird end-of-days scenario:

"Junkies down in Brooklyn are going crazy
They're laughing just like hungry dogs in the street.
Policemen are hiding behind the skirts of little girls
Their eyes have turned the color of frozen meat!"

For me, those are the kind of lyrics that justify the existence of rock music.  In my mind, I can visualize the face of Joan Crawford slowly rising over the horizon, bigger than a hundred moons.  That would absolutely make my eyes turn the color of frozen  meat.

The inevitable final question is:  Will there be an encore live performance?  At this point anything is possible.  There were a lot of topics I did not cover.  There are many possibilities.  For the moment all I can say is -- stay tuned.

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