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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Welcome and please make yourself comfortable.  This is not a place where you'll find the very latest up-to-the-minute news, information, opinions, and unconfirmed rumors.  If I was going to run that kind of operation I'd call it 'The Cutting Edge.'  I don't want to be on the cutting edge but I want to stay close to it.  The Trailing Edge suits me just fine.  

Anyone who is familiar with my writing knows that I never developed a niche.  My attention span is wide and always looking for new subjects.  Humor and satire occur frequently when I sit down at the keyboard and there is no shortage of targets for me to aim at in the current culture.  My main goal is never to be predictable and/or dull.  

I've been interviewed a few times and one trick I no longer allow is for the interviewer to start listing current news stories or personalities and have me make an instant response to each one. There are a whole lot of incidents and controversies simmering in the news media every day and most of them don't need any comment from me.  And there is an enormous amount of programming on television that I am not watching.

My most recent collection of essays ('Humor Without Borders') just became available in book form and you can find all my titles and purchasing options by trolling around with your cursor.  

This is uncertain territory for me because I'm not skilled when it comes to personal technology and I never learned to type more than about 10 words per minute.  I'm still hoping someone will invent at application that lets me use a Sharpie to write my posts in cursive directly on the screen.  I fear it's never going to happen.

I invite you to visit often and by all means tell your friends, relatives, and anyone else you know who seems like they'd feel at home here.


  1. Welcometo the bog-o-sphere, Jeff. It is a fine place!

    1. Happy to finally arrive -- better late than never is still true.

  2. Can't wait to read your inner monologue!!!