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Friday, August 15, 2014

The Author Can, and Will, Sell You Books

Now that  'Who Am I Today?' has been released I'm encouraging all potential buyers to head for their nearest independent bookseller and place an order.  Annie Bloom's in Multnomah Village has the book in stock for immediate purchase.  As I've explained in previous posts, my publication platform is Ingram Lightning Source.  One reason I went with the Ingram system is to help give a boost to neighborhood bookstores across the USA.

Several indies around the country have already jumped onboard and placed orders.  My sincere thanks to Montana Book & Toy Company in Helena, Valley Bookstore in Stillwater, MN, and the Bookshop of Beverly Farms in Massachusetts.  Having such a great support network is something all authors dream about and I'm looking forward to helping it grow every day.

I also know there are many parts of the country where indie bookstores have, sadly, disappeared.  For anyone who wants my books and can't get to a local independent, feel free to buy them directly from me.  Here's how my system works:

All my titles are priced at $10.  In addition to the new one I also have plenty of stock remaining for 'I'm Right Here, Fish-Cake' and 'It Came With The House.'  You may contact me via email to start the process and my email address is and you should put 'Book Purchase' in the subject box.  For orders of 1 to 5 copies there is a shipping charge of $3.   For orders of 6 to 10 copies the shipping charge is $5.  If you decide to buy more than 10 copies the charge is $6, even if you buy 30 or 40, or more.  I'll cover the additional shipping cost.  Happy to do it.  You can pay with check or Paypal.  Books can be autographed, or not, as specified by the purchaser.  If you live in the Portland metro area I might even be able to deliver the books right to your home at no charge.  We'll work out those details as they arise, okay?

I offer this option as an alternative to Amazon, and I look forward to meeting new friends!

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