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Monday, August 11, 2014

Faster Than The Speed of Blurbs

There are no blurbs on the front or back cover of my book.  No quotes from other writers praising my writing talents.  With conventional publishing there is a long pre-release publicity buildup and I'm not doing that.  The publishing platform I'm using allows me to crash into the open market quickly and I'm hoping the lack of blurbs will not be a drawback.  Maybe I'll get blurbs later.  I've never been too sure how much blurbs really matter, anyway.  The crucial factor in my favor right now is that independent bookstores all over the US can order my book for their customers.

There is one big 'IF.'  Your local independent bookstore needs to be hooked into the Ingram network.  Ingram is one of the major book distributors. They have giant warehouses around the country. Here in Oregon if you drive along I-5 you will see one near the freeway just south of Roseburg.  That building is crammed with books and when a customer comes into Annie Bloom's and wants a book that we don't have in stock, the Roseburg warehouse is the first place we check.

My books originate from an Ingram warehouse in Tennessee.  That's why it may take a week or more to get a copy if you order one.  Right now I'm in the process of sending out copies to various media outlets for possible reviews.  I've also had great support from the management at Annie Bloom's and the book will be stocked there, and should be available sometime this week.

If you live in a part of the country that has no local independent bookstore feel free to go to the Annie Bloom's website and order a copy there.  It can be shipped anywhere in the country (you'll have to pay a mailing charge of $5.60).

My promotional campaign depends heavily on every person who decides to buy the book.  Word-of-mouth is an old fashioned way to get publicity but I prefer it above all others.  If you like 'Who Am I Today?' please let your opinion be known.  Friends telling friends about a book they enjoyed is better than any blurb.

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