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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

The Latest Edition of Me

A new collection of my commentaries on various aspects of everyday life is now available!   Huge thanks to Trevor Richardson at Subtopian Publishing for helping make this happen.

The title of the book is 'Who Am I Today?' and the ISBN number is 9780988936331 and this information is important.  From personal experience at Annie Bloom's I can tell you that it's always best to have the title, author, and ISBN handy when you call or walk in to order a book.

Wherever you live in the US, you should be able to get 'Who Am I Today?' through your nearest independent bookseller if they are part of the Ingram distribution network.  Many of the essays in the book have appeared in Huffington Post, the Christian Science Monitor, Subtopian, and other publications.  Some are appearing in print for the first time.  The subject matter is all over the place and that's a big reason I've had trouble developing an audience during the past 25 years of writing.  I never developed a niche and I'm interested in a wide range of topics including history, parenting, UFOs, television, the aging process, house cleaning, and how we all manage to get through the day.

So who will enjoy this book?  I like to think my target audience is everyone above age 20.  Kids in the younger demographic brackets might find it interesting for some of the historical references.  My biggest worry is that some readers may not be able to tell which essays are satirical.  The world has become so bizarre and there are so many media outlets promoting "weird news" and other societal oddities that reality and fiction often seem indistinguishable.

I feel pretty confident in saying that if you buy this book as a gift for someone, they will not be offended by the content.  I'm not a "slash and burn" essayist and I grew up in an era when bad words were not a standard part of daily communication.

I'm looking forward to promoting the book through local media in Portland and by word of mouth in the weeks and months ahead.  And if you bump into me on the street and have a copy in your pocket,  I'll be happy to autograph it!

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